Air Filtration

Air filters are located within the air cleaner housing to remove dirt, dust, sand and other debris carried from the air into the engine.

They can be used with high-powered engines and help improve filtration performance and reduce ventilation resistance.

Intake Manifolds

Intake manifolds disperse air to each engine cylinder.

The use of plastic helps reduce weight and facilitates their use in a wide range of engines, from straight engines to horizontally opposed engines.

Molded Air Induction

Molded air inductions remove dirt, dust, sand and other debris in the air that enter the engine.

The compact nature of high-performance air cleaners enables maximum use of limited space inside the engine room.

Cabin Air Filtration

Cabin Air Filters are located in the car’s HVAC unit. These filters trap and inhibit 97% of allergens and are also anti-bacterial and anti-mold.

They also maintain the performance of air conditioning by reducing pressure drop, reduce odor and efficiently remove dust at a high level.