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Level 3 submission documents are required. Suppliers to Toyota are required to use Toyota SQAM (Supplier Quality Assurance Manual) documents. Please contact TBDN SQE for additional requirements.

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Reference TBA SQAM per TBA Purchasing Requirements


Supplier Quality

Quality Targets

TBDN expects the highest level of quality from it's Suppliers. Our targets are

  • 100% on-time delivery
  • < .25% scrap
  • < 3 ppm

In line scrap and ppm is based on rejects found on-line or downstream of our facility.

ISO/ TS16949

Certification to ISO9000 or TS16949 is a minimum requirement for quality systems. Evidence must be submitted annually to TBDN.

Customer Specific Requirements

CQI (9-23) Annual Audit & submission of evidence.

Annual layouts may be requested

Non-Conforming material: Expected response

TBDN expects on-site sorting, containment and investigation immediately upon notification of problems with supplier's products. Company personnel sent by the Supplier to sort are always best. However, a Supplier can use a 3rd party sorting company at our facility, but may be required to send 1 representative from their company to supervise the activity. For Field claims, support at OEM customer plants may be required.

When TBDN decides to sort in order to meet our schedule, TBDN will charge-back to the Supplier the manhours required to complete the sort if supplier does not immediately authorize or set up sort.

Follow-up presentations to TBDN management may be required for "A" "B" and "C"ranked items. A TBDN representative may conduct a followup audit at the Supplier's facility to ensure countermeasure effectiveness.

RMA (Return Material Authorization) Numbers are expected within 2 business days of notification by TBDN.

Non-Conforming Material: 8D Worksheet

Parts that are determined to be defective will be assigned the folowing rank

  • A Rank: Defective part could cause harm if used, critical characteristic per drawing or customer rejection.
  • B Rank: Part is functional, but does not meet customer drawing or TBDN expectation.
  • C Rank: Part is functional, but does not cosmetic, packaging/label requirements.

Also useful are the following definitions:

  • Field Claim: Defective part found downstream from TBDN - these parts will automatically have a rank of "A"
  • Multiple: Repeat "B" and "C" Defects within a 12 mo period will move to a A Rank

For all quality complaints, TBDN expects containment- lock the doors, sort and certify. TBDN expects 3 certified and tagged lots, free of the defect. Contact TBDN for material in transit.

For A ranked defects, a 8D report is expected within 10 business days. For B & C ranked defects, a 8D report may be required within 10 business days. Suppliers with 8D reports more than 60 days overdue may be required to make a formal presentation to TBDN top management at TBDN in Jackson, TN.

The 8D Report should outline your root cause identification (5 whys) for both: why the defect occurred, and why the defect was not detected. Permanent countermeasures and data supporting that the countermeasures are effective are necessary for 3 shipments. Any lessons learned that can be spread across to other lines or products (also called Yokoten) should also be identified. TBDN requires the 8D format is used.